Saturday, August 15, 2009

Elemence Hydrating Toner

Hydrating Toner features a pH-balanced formula that gently removes any trace of impurities and prepares skin for nourishing treatments and moisturizers.

Alcohol-free and gentle to the skin, this formula includes potent skin hydrators that restore essential moisture and support skin’s barrier function. Pure fruit extracts provide natural astringent and tonic properties to tone skin and minimize pore size. Additional botanicals calm and soothe the skin while helping to prevent irritation or sensitivity. Hydrating toner will leave your skin hydrated, toned and balanced.


* Effectively hydrates and conditions the skin with Inulin, a natural plant sugar that provides excellent skin moisturization and humectant properties.
* Witch Hazel is a botanical extract that provides natural astringent and anti-inflammatory action, and helps balance oily skin white it refreshes and tones.
* A select blend of fruit extracts – Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry – contain natural astringent and tonic properties to freshen and soothe the skin.
* Brazilian Acai berry (Euterpe Oleracea) fights skin aging and free radicals with potent antioxidants, phytosterols and anthocyanins.
* Cucurbita Pepo, derived from pumpkin seed, is a natural extract containing an original molecule rich in anti-irritant and anti-allergic virtues.
* Algae and Artemisia Vulgaris Extracts provide anti-aging benefits while calming, soothing and helping prevent irritation and inflammation.
* Vitamins A, B, C and E nourish and condition the skin, provide antioxidant protection and support skin health.
* Fresh, natural fragrance from essential oils.
* Dermatologist tested, allergy safe.

Recommended Uses
Apply gently over face and neck with a cotton pad. Use morning and evening.

Harga: RM 80
Volume: 120 ml
Kod: SM72315

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